Day 3 - The First Step

Day 3

Read Exodus 7:1-13

Key Verse: Exodus 7:10

So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the Lord commanded.

Key Thought

Hope and vision will not be actualized until we take the first step.

The Voice of the Enemy

The human has hope. And they even have some vision. So what? None of that matters if they don’t walk it out. This is one of our greatest tools— to get hopes and dreams to die at the altar. Oh, I know their Father loves the altar. It’s where He speaks to them and fills them. But if we can keep that altar experience from making any difference in their lives, we win every time. Don’t you see, not only will the hopes and dreams not come to fruition, but they will begin to despise the altar, calling it “emotional nonsense” when, actually, it is us who has succeeded in keeping them from taking the practical steps. One way we can do this is by making spiritual growth seem like hard work and drudgery. Convince them it’s not worth the effort. If we get them bogged down in their growth process, it will be like it never even began.

The Voice of the Father

My son/my daughter, one of the first things I gave you was your heartbeat, and in that heartbeat is hope. Then I gave you the gift of sight, and in your sight is your vision. And then, I strengthened your legs and enabled you to take steps. You held on to an adult’s hand at first. You were wobbly and unsure. You fell. But you you got back up each time. I was at work strengthening your legs. I was giving you your balance. I was there, teaching you to walk. And I am here today doing the same. I know you feel a little wobbly, a little unsure. But place your hand in mine. One step at a time. I have given you freedom. Now let’s walk it out… together.


What “first step” can you take today that is in alignment with your hope and vision?

What would keep me from taking that first step?