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Project Update - July 2023

Our Crossover campaign has officially launched! Thank you for your generosity through your pledges to give. We are excited to announce that we have broken ground and began the process of renovations!  Due to your continued faithfulness, this is able to happen!

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What is Crossover about?

We plan to cross over the highway and move our Sunday worship experience to The Village. This move is a fulfillment of a vision that was cast by our founding pastor. There will be a place for every person from all generations.

Walk with us in the fulfillment of God’s word to take all the land and all the promises.

All the land. All the promises.

In the 1970s, our founding pastor, Pastor Tom, requested a tract of land from Mr. Cannon to build our church. He was told that property was already slated for a shopping center, but that the property across the street was available. Over 20 years later, God allowed us to purchase that very shopping center! We have steadily taken land, moving the prayer place, church offices, kids and youth ministries, Multiply Español, The Dream Center, SEU Carolina, and more into The Village, the territory God has given to us.

But we’re not finished yet! There is still land to be taken. We believe that now is the time to rise up and cross over into all the land and all the promises, fulfilling the original vision and destiny of moving the church auditorium across the street in order to reach more people with the love of Jesus!

How do I get involved?

Crossover is a two-year generosity initiative. We are asking you to pray about what financial commitment you could make, and then follow whatever God is leading. Make a pledge here.

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